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    Demo EBS 12.x  Requested URL can not be retrieved?


      EBS 12.x





      Hi ALL,


      We have demo instance EBS 12.x on remote Server.

      We can access it remotely ising ISP internet in our office or home just by adding  public IP and hostname to our  laptop.

      And also download the required java version in our laptop.


      We what to demo it to our client. But when we tried to connect our client  with strict network security setup, we got this error:

      It will source the url just a second handshake showing  that it can see it but it will lookback and error right away.

      I can also ping the public IP and hostname.


      Please help how to setup EBS apps connectivity from inside a tight secure network office.

      Is there proxy server to check?

      I tested google, and youtube and I can open it successfully in our client's network. But why not our EBS apps?



      Please help..



      Kind regards,