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    Where is the default spool location?


      I have a sql script that does some spooling: c:\spool_test\run.sql


      SPOOL output.txt


      When I open the run.sql file and execute, it outputs as expected.


      When I run (as statement or script) with @c:\spool_test\run.sql in a worksheet, I see the select-results in the script output but I get no file (or at least not one in spool_test, nor does output.txt come up in a file search) and I get no error/warning. If I add the directory to the spool, it works. My assumption is without a directory, it's defaulting to some directory I don't have write-permissions on, instead of the directory of the script. Is this expected? I don't have a working version of SQL Plus handy on my work machine so I haven't been able to compare.

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          Glen Conway

          In a Windows 10 environment, when using SQL Developer 18.1, the spooled output goes to...

          C:\Users\<myuserid>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer

          which is the directory shown in the Help -> About -> Properties tab for both the ide.pref.dir and ide.user.dir properties.


          When using SQLcl 18.1.1, the spooled output goes to a directory specified in an environment variable.  Since I have the following three environment variables set to the same value in my setup script, off-hand I am not sure which controls the spool output location...




          Hope this helps

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            Very helpful. Thanks for this. I'm working on something that will end up in version control and shared with others. They can dump it to a different location so I was hoping to keep everything as directory-and-session var-agnostic as possible.