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    Add a new calculated row-should not impact grand total in OBIEE.


      Hi experts,


      We have a report with waterfall graph with fixed dimensions like A,B,C,D.

      And in order to start the last row as total(A+B+C+D) from 0 on X axis,we implemented as grand total in OBIEE(OBIEE internal Grand total). And did not do any calculation. If we derive it(do calculation), it will not start from 0 on x axis.

      Now we want to add one more row E(B+C+D) in this ,but our grand total should not impact i.e. it should always be(A+B+C+D) not (A+B+C+D+E). How we can achieve it in OBIEE.


      As you know we can't derived grand total,because if we drive it (calculate it),it will not start from 0 on x axis.



      Thanks for your help.