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    EBS 12.2.7 File editioning?


      EBS 12.2.712c




      Hi ALL,


      We are confused with the databse objects is our APPS schema.

      In our UAT which is working, the owner of the TRIGGERS  for  FA_MASS_ADDITIONS was APPS,

      But in PRODTEST, which was a clone of UAT  the owner of the TRIGGERS  was SYS_XXXX? 

      Is it possible to transfer it to apps using ADADMIN?

      What have caused this changed in ownership?  Is this caused by fualty cloning or patching?


      We are running the interface program using the APPS schema but the trigger is not there? Is there switching or file-editioning incompleted process?


      Can you please check in your EBS instance where are these triggers located? or who owns them?


      Please help...



      Kind regards,