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    Workflow Mailer Configuration in EBS 12.1.3




      We are into the need of configuring WF notification mailer.

      So, I navigated into the System Administrator --> Workflow --> Oracle Applications Manager --> Workflow manager.


      In that, Notification Mailer is in "Down" status. I clicked on that. navigated to next page.

      Selected Workflow Notification Mailer and clicked on EDIT.

      In that, Outbound Email Account (SMTP) has, 

                                                                                 Username : changeOnJavaMailerInstall

                                                                                 Password  : Automatically was there


      In Inbound Email Account (IMAP) has,           Server Name : NoImapHost.NoImapDomain

                                                                              Username: NoImapUser

                                                                              Password : Automatically was there

                                                                              Reply-To Address : applprod@hostname.


      So, I dont know what has to be done after this. How to configure this one. Please help me with this.