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    BI Publisher - Repeating Headers


      Hi all.  I am looking for help from those who BI Publisher really well.  I've attached a rtf template and sample XML data.


      I'm trying to get the header of the report to appear on all pages of the report.  Since there are three different Fund codes, each header will need to be different.  However, if the data for a specific fund requires more than one page, the header does not appear on the second page.


      I have tried a number of different things: 

      • Go into Table Properties > Row and select "Repeat as header row at top of each page" but that doesn't work.
      • Set the header as a template and call the template in the header.   The header appears on each page but the Fund code doesn't change to reflect the appropriate data (shows Fund Code 100 for all pages).


      Just looking for some assistance on how to get the header to appear on each page properly.