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    Minor glitch: Shift F4 doesn't work on qualified table references in some cases

    Lukas Eder

      Shift+F4 opens up a useful popup containing object information. However, unfortunately, in some cases the object information is displayed for the wrong object, especially when qualifying objects. Consider the following two SQL statements:


      COMMENT ON COLUMN sakila.film.film_id IS 'abc';


      SELECT sakila.film.film_id

      FROM sakila.film;


      (Assuming of course a SAKILA schema/user and a FILM table with a FILM_ID column)


      Now, place the cursor on any of the 3 film table identifiers. In the COMMENT statement and in the SELECT clause, the popup will contain information for the SAKILA user instead of the FILM table. In the FROM clause, the behaviour is correct.


      When placing the cursor on any of the 3 schema identifiers, the inverse is the case and the user information is displayed in COMMENT and SELECT, but not in FROM.


      This is inconsistent. I would expect any of these two fixes:


      1. When placing the cursor on qualified identifiers, Shift F4 will display the object info of the specific object under the cursor. So, when placed on schema.table.column's schema, the schema/user info is displayed. When placed on the table, the table info is displayed. When placed on the column, the column info is displayed
      2. Qualification doesn't matter, the popup always displays the object information of the last identifier part. So, COMMENT and SELECT would display column information. FROM would display table information.