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    How to know if we have Project Manufacturing licence


      Dear Experts,


      We have licence to for BILLS OF MATERIAL 11.0 bought several years ago.


      But now, we have upgraded to 12.2.6 and the project manufacturing is now part of Manufacturing stream and no more for BILLS OF MATERIAL in global price list




      So that, means, as long as the functionalities for PJM, that we will be using were part of BILLS OF MATERIAL 11.0 (means for the E-BS release 11i), we are allowed to use PJM now in 12.2.6 as well.


      So where can i find the difference between BIL 11.0 vs next release of new functionalities introduced in 11.5.x?


      Please adivse how to understand if we have this PJM licence, prior to contact oracle sales.