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    Running ORDS against multiple databases.




      I'm new to ORDS and have recently changed an APEX configuration from Embedded PL/SQL Gateway to ORDS.  I installed and configured ORDS on its own application server, away from the database and all works fine.  Initially running in standalone mode, I have now deployed through Glassfish.


      Now I'm wondering what is the recommended way to configure ORDS for other databases e.g. test, other dev etc. 


      1) Can multiple ORDS installations be configured on the same application server against other databases? 

            i) My first installation is running on port 8080, so configure other installations on another port?

            ii) For each installation rename ords.war to maybe something like dev.war, test.war etc.


      2) Or, should ORDS be actually running on the database server and its just the deployment through something like Glassfish\Apache\Weblogic  that goes through the application server?


      How do other people setup multiple ORDS configurations in their environment?