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    Can someone confirm if this "memory echo casing" is a bug using Templates?

    Blue Bird

      I have SQL Dev 18.1.0. I already asking about this strange behaviour last time. Now I would like if someone can reproduce this and confirm this as a bug.


      In Tools > Database > SQL Editor Code Template I have for example Code snippet written exactly like this: "DBMS_OutPut.Put_Line('[Text]');".

      When I add this over my defined shortcut I can get exact same casing OR not. This depend on what last change casing shortcut I used before I inserted some snippet.

      In Tools > Preferences > ShortcutKeys I have defined shortcut key Alt-Quote for Command To/Upper/Lower/InitCap. I think this is builtin shortcut.

      So If I insert shortcut I can get for example correct snippet casing like: "DBMS_OutPut.Put_Line('[Text]');"

      If I then in this line for example select DBMS and press couple of times Alt+Quote to get all small letters this line look like this: dbms_OutPut.Put_Line('Text');

      If I after that change casing insert again this snippet I get this insertion: "dbms_output.put_line('Text');". As you can see all letters are now lower, except Placeholder retain casing.

      If I then select some other word and make it all caps like: "DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Text');" and after that insert another snippet I get: "DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Text');". Now all word are get capitalized. It's look like insert snippet have some memory echo from change casing command. I'm noticing this already since I use templates and it was like fuzzy logic, result was always different, but now I think find a reason for this behavior. And I suspect that this also happen if I copy some code from some other program, but I think this is enough to try and confirm this behaviour. Of Course I have set in Tools > Code Editor > Format Identifier case and Keywords case to Keep unchanged.