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    Unable to run autoconfig using the option -syncctx in patch file system of EBS 12.2.7

    Samrat Sinha



      As per note Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Using Oracle 12c ( Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 1963472.1), section-, i am in need of running autoconfig in the patch file system of application tier during switchover.


      [applmgr@rac2 bin]$ sh $AD_TOP/bin/adconfig.sh contextfile=/u01/app/application/fs1/inst/apps/PROD_rac2/appl/admin/PROD_rac2.xml -syncctx

      Enter the APPS user password: Invalid argument "syncctx"


              adconfig.pl [help] contextfile=<file>



      Valid arguments for adconfig.pl:

              help                 : get usage information

              contextfile          : provide Applications context file name

              driver               : AutoConfig driver file to execute

              product              : lowercase product shortname to configure

              java                 : specify an explicit location for the JDK install

              test                 : run AutoConfig in test mode to find diffs

              promptmsg            : When set to hide, AutoConfig will not prompt

                                     for some specific parameters at run time

              nocustom             : AutoConfig won't preserve customizations

              noversionchecks      : AutoConfig won't take care of the version mismatch

                                     between development maintained templates and custom


              log                  : write log messages to a specific file

              -profile             : profile AutoConfig execution

              -nothreading         : Ensures AutoConfig is not run in multi-threaded mode.

              -parallel            : Allows AutoConfig to be run simultaneously across multiple nodes.

                                     Ensure that all nodes in a multinode environment invoke

                                     AutoConfig with this option when running in parallel.

              run                  : Phase upto which scripts should be executed

                                     Allowed values for run:

                                     { INSTE8, INSTE8_SETUP, INSTE8_PRF, INSTE8_APPLY }

      [applmgr@rac2 bin]$


      The error message says Invalid argument "syncctx"