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    Throw and Catch programme function


      I have recently had the Throw and Catch function added to my account.
      The functions can be added to a programme, however when I open up the function and try to "select throw event" or "select catch event" , there are no options available to select.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem?
      Is there a step I'm missing in the set up of this feature?

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          You need to first enable the throw and catch events in the setting in order to orchestrate programs. Below are the steps to enable:



          1. The Account Administrator defines the Cross Program events:

          • In the Global Settings section of the Account Management page, click the new Define Cross Program Events link.

          • Click Add new event and enter the event name and description

          2. The Program Designer configures the programs to throw and catch the same Cross Program event:

          • In the program that is sending enactments, add a Throw event at the stage that recipients are to be sent to other programs

          • .Right-click the Throw event and select Properties.
          • Select the event to throw from the Select throw event list

          • In the program that is receiving enactments, add a Catch event as the starting event.

          • Right-click the Catch event and select Properties.
          • Select the same Cross Program event as the Throw event from the Select catch event list.