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    Unable to Login to Linux Compute Instance due to credential rotation issue

    Vikas Raina-Oracle

      Hello, We ran into this issue of “configuration requires credential rotation” on our Oracle Linux 7.4 image for one of the startups.
      On trying to access the instance using SSH, password expired message was popping up.
      As per the solution provided  by Oracle documentation, we rebooted the Instance by 'Fix OPC Account Expiration checkbox' in the Reboot confirmation dialog,
      But now when we try to connect to the instance using ssh, the error message of
      Connect to host 130.61.x.x port 22: connection refused is coming up.
      There seems to be no way of connecting to this server.
      There are no other users for this instance whose credentials we could use.


      Any idea what are we missing here or in case you are aware of any workaround ?


      Thanks, Vikas