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    How will you inspire your kids to get into technology jobs?


      Being a technical person is not easy as it looks for the outside world.

      We all know there will be compromises to be made,Keep updating your skills,many challenges to be faced to survive in technology !!!


      Keeping all this in mind will you encourage your kids to get into technology ?


      If your answer is  "yes" please explain why?

      If your answer is "no" again please explain why?

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          Yes, I mean HECK YEAH!


          I believe I have ALREADY inspired my children to work in technology jobs, (Three out of four of them, the fourth one works in the medical field).  I can remember my children teasing me and calling me a geek, in reference to an over-heard support call or conversation with a friend/co-worker.  I provided electronic interactive books and other learning games for my children at 3 years old and up.  I took as many opportunities to let them "drive" whenever things needed to be fixed or updated on our home PCs.  Two of my children work for one of the biggest medical software companies in the USA and the third works for a state agency as a BA for their software.


          I couldn't be more proud of all four of them!  The two that work for the medical software company get to travel for work on go-live/implementations and are fully aware of the blessing and challenge that encompasses.  I hope to encourage my grandson to pursue technology as well.


          Happy Wednesday everyone!