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    OBIEE report to Excel


      I have a report that will only export less than 5K lines. Any more I have to use CSV. What limitations are there in Excel as far as export. I know about the 65K default limit. This report has about 33 columns and alternate color style.

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          Charles M

          Hi -


          There are several MOS notes on Excel/Excel exporting. Some of them are version-specific, so you'll need to sort that out (you should always include a basic description of you environment, including version numbers so community members can get relevant information to you).


          Here is one of the better notes on this topic. It should get you what you need:

          OBIEE 11g: Error: "Exceeded configured maximum number of allowed input records. Error Codes: EKMT3FK5:OI2DL65" when Exporting or Opening a Large Report (Doc ID 1487839.1)


          It also contains links to the Oracle product documentation - take some time to look through it as well ... it is very good reference material.


          Other helpful/relevant notes:

          OBIEE 11g/12c : Export to CSV Report / File does not Download more than 65000 Rows in OBIEE (Doc ID 2026174.1)

          OBIEE 11g: How To Improve the Functionality of Exporting Data from Analyses, Dashboards, and other Oracle BI Presentation Catalog Objects into Microsoft Excel with OBIEE and Later (Doc ID 1595671.1)


          Bottom line, there is more than one parameter/configuration that can affect Excel exports. You need to get to your logs to find out which type of error is occurring. Here is one place you can check:






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            Thank you. I will review this and see if I make some headway.


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