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    XRange issue


      Hi All,


      "May" = @Xrange("Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final","Apr"->"Actual"->"Final")-@Xrange("Jan"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current","Apr"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current")+



      The above code sshowing the Error:









      Error(1200400): Error executing formula for [May] (line 0): scalar double
      argument expected in function [@SUB]



      Please help me how to write the code?

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          I do not believe you can Subtract 2 different Xrange lists. ((a->d, b->d, c->d) - (c->e, c->f,c->g)) will not be a valid operation.


          Do you want to return the sum of members mentioned in the following list?


          @Xrange("Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final","Apr"->"Actual"->"Final")



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            our requirement is subtraction of

            Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final","Apr"->"Actual"->"Final")-@Xrange("Jan"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current","Apr"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current")+






            So what are the possiablity to write the subtraction  of the range list., Pleasse help me

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              Do you want to the summation of these four values?


              ("Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final" +"Feb"-> "Actual"->"Final"+"Mar"-> "Actual"->"Final"+"Apr"->"Actual"->"Final")


              or you want to subtract each member as below,


              "Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final" - "Jan"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current"

              "Feb"-> "Actual"->"Final"- "Feb"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current"

              "Mar"-> "Actual"->"Final" -"Mar"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current"

              "Apr"->"Actual"->"Final" - "Apr"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current"






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                Thanks Manoj.



                How to write the below code, please find the below example

                E= (a+b-c+d)+E


                May"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current= @Xrange("Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final","Apr"->"Actual"->"Final")-@Xrange("Jan"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current","Apr"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current")+



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                  If you want have the summation as I mentioned above you can try some thing as below,


                  @Xrange("Jan"-> "Actual"->"Final","Apr"->"Actual"->"Final") can be written as,




                  This will give the sum of all the values for xrange member combination. Please test the first part of the code by populating the value to a dummy member and see if you are getting desired results.


                  If you are getting the desire results the final formula can be some thing as follows,


                  May"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current= (@SUMRANGE("Actual",@Xrange("Jan"->"Final","Apr"->"Final"))) - (@SUMRANGE("Current", @Xrange("Jan"->"Current_Forecast","Apr"->"Current_Forecast")+("May"->"Current_Forecast"->"Current");

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                    Thanks for Update.




                    FIX (@Relative("UIT9000",0),@Relative("TWW9000",0 ),"No_Type","S30000", "USD","No_Client_Source",&SV_Optima_ActCrYr,{RTP_Optima_Scenario_Target},{RTP_Optima_Version_Target})

                    {RTP_Optima_Period_Target} = @SUMRANGE({RTP_Optima_Scenario_Source1}->{RTP_Optima_Version_Source1},"Jan":{RTP_Optima_Period_Source})-@SUMRANGE({RTP_Optima_Scenario_Source2}->{RTP_Optima_Version_Source2},"Jan":{RTP_Optima_Period_Source})+ {RTP_Optima_Period_Target}->{RTP_Optima_Scenario_Target}->{RTP_Optima_Version_Target};




                    AS per My Requirement is below :


                    Column N is “May” month for which true up has been done

                    Source 1 è Actual , Final

                    Source 2 è 2018-Mar_RF and Final

                    Target è Current Forecast and Current

                    Source period YTD è “Apr”


                    For the above conditions when the rule is run ;


                    Column N is the may month calculation that gets overwritten

                    Column O is the May month existing value BEFORE it is overwritten.

                    Column P is the True up calculation done manually

                    Column R is the “Check” and it should show 0 always for the rule to be correct – formula used is  ‘column N – Column P’ – All defects highlighted in RED.


                    As the above requirement , How to write the code ? please help.