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    Adding Row through Business Rule in Menu




      I'm trying to make a form to budget new employees. To add a new employee I want to right click on the form and run business rule that should add one row.


      Children of New Employee are Employee 1, Employee 2, Employee 3. Form has a column Addition at the end. Rows have been suppressed for missing data. Running first time, business rule (below script) should put 1 in Addition column against Employee 1. So a row with Employee 1 should start appearing. When the same rule is run again, it should put 1 in the Addition column against Employee 2. Now another row with Employee 2 should also start appearing and so on.


      Now, I have used following script but sometimes it works and sometimes not. I'm really confused. Please need help. Thanks.



      VAR ORF=0;

      FIX(@Descendants("New Employee"))


      IF("Addition" == #missing AND ORF == 0)

      "Addition" = 1;

      ORF = 1;