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    EPMA Performance Setting Order changing frequently


      We have an EPMA application with a performance setting that we fixed while setting up the application. Every month (4-5 times) we have metadata ,data load and export the data out into files using "DataExport from EAS'.

      Off late the following has been noted which is posing huge challenges for us :

      1) The performance setting order is changing in EPMA ( Scenario and Version are getting interchanged ) Both are Sparse dimensions.

      2) The order in EPMA is not in sync with the order in EAS ( a database refresh fixes this )

      Because of this after each deploy we are being forced to manually check all this - has anyone faced a similar situation before or can give suggestions as to why is it changing randomly?

      Since the DataExport File column format heavily depends on the Dimension order - we need a stable order for a fixed file format.


      Seeking tips on identifying what is happening and fixing it