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    Journey from junior DBA to Oracle 12c OCM

    Skant Gupta

      I like to take challenges and come out of them with my head high. The memories of my first acquaintance with Oracle are still fresh in my mind. It was during my college days, I took my first step to deep dive into the world of Oracle. Back then, everyone warned me that the path I was choosing was going to be tough and the openings limited, but I was all in to accept the challenge.

      I started my Career as Junior DBA about 6 years back. The journey to reach Oracle OCM 12c, OCM Cloud and OCM 12c MAA have been a roller coaster ride. I have recently completed my OCM 11g exam and was preparing for OCM12c. Unfortunately, the schedule for OCM 12c got canceled in India, and I went on and wrote the OCM 12c upgrade exam. After accomplishing OCM 11g, I passed OCM 12c upgrade, OCM Database Cloud, and OCM 12c MAA. With this certification, I have managed to attain my motive of receiving higher levels of recognition in Oracle.

      Oracle Data Guard Administration in Oracle 12c, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Real Application Clusters(RAC) in Oracle 12c and 11g, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Exadata Cloud Database Machine Administrator are some other feathers added to my hat.

      Focusing mainly on the cloud, database and high availability, Oracle Weblogic Suite, Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate, I have also specialized in Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle DBaaS, High Availability, RAC Clusters, DataGuard, Backup/Recovery and Database Migrations. Further, I have also presented at several Oracle user groups worldwide, most recently in the US, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

      I think I have managed to achieve my goal, but this is not an end. I look forward to exploring the new offerings Oracle has on its plate.

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          Oracle DBA is a hub of data which is treated as a part. It is known as RDBMS or as Oracle. It is an object-relational database management system, which has been produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle Database has an excellent opportunity in India and also other countries. It is one of the best and famous software used in Software companies, and if you can do it seriously, you will have a great future ahead.


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