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    Essbase ASO outline formula not working with attribute dimensions


      Hi All,


      I suspect this might be an easy answer.  I have a currency dimension which has a member called EUR which just multiplies the USD stored amounts by the EUR rate we have stored in a specific intersection.  It works fine until I introduce attribute dimensions into the smartview.  The numbers will shop up a the top level of the attribute dimension but not at the base members.


      I have a feeling that this could be related to solve order for calculations.  Before I spend a lot of time on this, does anyone know where i can direct my efforts?


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          Just following up on this before I start a more serious redesign, does anyone know why an ASO outline formula wouldn't be working specifically with my attribute dimensions other than just the top member of the attribute dimension.


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            Hi Mike,


            I have seen similar behavior, except in my environment, I do not even get a converted amount at the top member of the attribute dimension.  As soon as I add an attribute dimension, the converted amounts disappear (when otherwise they would display correctly).  I wonder if this may be a bug as our conversion formulas are at solve order 0, and since Attribute dimensions have solve order of 0 (I don't think this can be changed on Attribute dims), I would expect the conversion formulas to still get applied to the attribute members but it's difficult to find any documentation on this specific subject.


            So far, in our testing we have been able to come up with an approach for converting values when using attributes, but it is not a scalable approach.  If you are curious to know how the approach works, I'm happy to discuss sometime, but it may be a bit confusing to write out here. 


            I think the "best practice" approach may be to load converted amounts directly to an ASO cube so that the converted values are base-level data (rather than performing dynamic conversions in the ASO cube).


            Are you having any other issues with performing calculations in your ASO cube?   I'd be curious to understand how you use your ASO cube and possibly be a resource for you since it sounds like you may be using your ASO cube similar to how we currently use our ASO cube.



            Chad Alexander