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    EPMA service is taking more time to start


      Hi All,


      We are using Hyperion and our EPMA server installed in windows VM. All of the sudden when we restart the EPMA service it is taking around 35 min to start after modifying BPMA_Server_Config file. we have applied regular PSU patches on the database in all the environments at the same time but only this environment is causing the problem.


      When we looked in to the dimensionserverstartup logs the service is consuming more time at the step " Loading Master Library" .


      [2018-05-09T04:18:40.178-04:00] [Debug] Loading Master Library...

      [2018-05-09T04:39:36.213-04:00] [Debug] Processing System Metadata file...


      Please let me know your thoughts why this step taking more time... or what exactly is happening at this step.