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    ESSBASE performance tuning


      Hi Folks,


      Facing many performance issues like below,


      • Block creation issues during running BR's
      • DB has unnecessary empty blocks
      • Restructure taking around 2 to 3 hours time
      • Simple agg/data copy/clear scripts taking huge time
      • Many pag and ind files even if there is small amount of data in database


      Env: Hyperion planning classic application - and unix


      Dimensions stats:



      have tried setting up outline in hour glass order but no luck.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




      Venkataraju Saripella

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          Have you not considered that the rules could be part of the problem, if you are saying you have block creation issues, unnecessary empty blocks, many data files, restructures taking a long time then maybe the source of the problem is the rules.

          As for the Essbase tuning and design, this  has been covered a lot on the forums and in blogs so  there is no point in  repeating, search and read through some blogs, for example - Cameron's Blog For Essbase Hackers: A really, really, really interesting guest blog on parallelism and its impact on dat…

          You  probably could test increasing the caches to  see if that helps but that is not going to be the answer to many of the points you have raised, maybe many of your dense upper level members are set to store and could be dynamic, you need to narrow down where the issue lies.

          In the end if you believe the rules and app design is optimal then it could even be the underlying infrastructure that Essbase is on  that is contributing to performance issues.