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    Cloning EBS 12.2.7


      EBS 12.2.7





      Hi ALL,


      After cloning the dbTier of our EBS 12.2.7, It prompts me if I wanted to change passwords for:

      1. EBS Schemas.

      2. SYSADMIN

      3. APPS & APPLSYS

      4. sys & system



      Listener P1227 has already been started.


      addlnctl.sh: exiting with status 0


      addlnctl.sh: check the logfile /u03/ora1227p/P1227/12.1.0/appsutil/log/P1227_test01/addlnctl.txt for more information ...


      Do you want to change the password for all EBS Schemas? (y/n) [n]) : y


      Enter the new EBS Schema password :


      Do you want to change the password for sysadmin user? (y/n) [n]) : y


      Enter the new password for sysadmin :


      Successfully changed the sysadmin password


      Do you want to change the apps password? (y/n) [n]) : y


      Enter the new APPS password :


      Apps and applsys passwords were successfully changed


      Do you want to change the sys and system passwords? (y/n) [n]) : y


      Enter the new sys/system password :


      Successfully changed the sys and system passwords


      Running ETCC to check status of DB technology patches...


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      |                     All rights reserved.                      |

      |             Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2              |

      |          Database EBS Technology Codelevel Checker            |



      My question is, where can I found the scripts being called by this program?

      Why is the Weblogic password not included?



      Thanks a lot,