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    Exporting and Sharing visualisation files (.dva) without connection label and Prompting for connection during import


      Hi there

      I have built a series of dashboards and am sharing the '.dva' files amongst our team. What I've realised is that the '.dva' file also carries the connection string along with the username and password. This is an issue, as if I change the password, for my connection string, in this case the connection for visualisation is Oracle DB (1521), then it will eventually lock me out due to other users trying to load the visualisation using my old password.


           Is there a way that I can share the '.dva' file without sharing the connection string / label, and then the other user would be prompted to select the connection during import, at which point they would use the same relative connection but using their own username and password.


           if this was possible then this would make ODV the best tool for use in our business. This would allow the creation and sharing of these on a central location with appropriate naming and labelling for wider communities to then download , import and then visualise the same data using their own connections.


           Obvious to say, but the functionality would only be required when connection to external dbs and not to a static Excel sheet, in which case the Excel / static sheet would transfer with the .dva file


           Hope the above made sense