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    trigger a 'change' action when a dropdown is 'selected',not when the dropdown list values are changed


      I have a dynamic select list and I need to define dynamic action for this select list when the user select a value.

      When I use 'on change' event for the dynamic action, the dynamic action is getting fired even when  the 'drop down list values' changes (since its a dynamic select list).

      I need the dynamic action to occur only when a user select a value and the dynamic action should not occur when the select list gets refreshed.

      The select lists get dynamically refreshed  based on the value change of the cascading LOV parent item(defined on the same page) of the select list,but on this refresh I don't want the dynamic actions to be fired.

      I tried with all the events available  for the dynamic actions when defining a DA, but couldn't find a solution for this.

      Please help!!!


      Apex Version: Oracle APEX 5.1.1


      Oracle Application Express (APEX)