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    SRM alternative solution?

    Antonella Frascolla

      Hello everybody

      The Oracle Eloqua and Social Relationship Management integration which is no longer available, and is currently only supported for existing customers. The Oracle SRM Custom Audiences app will continue to be availablehttps://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/Help/SRMIntegration/SRMIntegration.htm?tocpath=Integrations%7C…

      I have a client who would like to integrate an Eloqua app which enables Custom Audience matching and integration with Linkedin - Twitter and Facebook. Is anyone able to give me more info on why SRM is no longer available and any possible alternative solutions available? 

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          Hi there!

          Just Add Features has pre-built tools for Facebook Custom Audience advertising, and Google Adwords (https://justaddfeatures.com/multi-channel.html


          I say 'pre-built' because the main product with Just Add Features is instant extensions - a tool which lets people add new features to Eloqua.



          Suggested starting point: https://justaddfeatures.com and watch the intro video on the homepage.

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            Antonella Frascolla

            Thanks Sam


            I was finally able to get an answer from Oracle on this topic, below listed the app we should configurate for Linkedin and Facebook Custom Audience creation


            SRM Custom Audience App

            Facebook’s Custom Audience system allows you to match your customer list to Facebook users. Using the SRM Custom Audience app, you can take Eloqua contacts and add or remove them from Facebook Custom Audience via SRM. Oracle confirmed that the SRM Custom Audience app is still available and it can be used on both Campaign and Program Canvas.


            Linkedin Campaign Manager App

            This app enables you to retarget a specific set off Oracle Eloqua Contacts with Digital ads on Linkedin and can be can be used on Campaign Canvas. The Linkedin Campaign Manager app comes with the following two services, which are available on the Campaign Canvas after installing the app in your Oracle Eloqua instance:


            • The Linkedin Matched Audience action service allows you to send contacts directly from the Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas to Linkedin, enabling you to re-target buyers with relevant ads
            • The Linkedin Lead Gen Forms Audience service, allows you to capture leads from Linkedin by pushing contacts directly into the selected Oracle Eloqua Campaign


            My only concern now is about the legal aspect and understand what Oracle proposed to other clients who utilise these apps and if there is a standard agreement that could be repurposed.

            I’d like to recommend my client to reference the use of these apps in your Privacy Policy as per GDPR guidelines but it wold be great to have a confirmation from anyone who is currently using these apps.


            If anyone had been experienced this, please do get in touch


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              As part of Just Add Features we now have 6 new channels which can be added to Eloqua.


              2 of these are matched audience retargeting. You just place an action on your Campaign or Program.


              1. Our Facebook tool lets you add or remove contacts to/from advertising audiences, and also create or modify the audiences themselves. (So the whole process is from Eloqua). These audiences can be advertised to on Facebook and Instagram,

              2. Our Google Adwords tool does the same thing for Google and YouTube. (Except you can only add contacts to an audience, not remove).


              If you're interested in multi-channel Eloqua, this video gives a short overview. Hope this helps!