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    Migrating Rules from One Application to Another


      I am attempting to migrate calc manager rules/web forms, etc. from our production environment ("PLN" app) to an application that is currently in the DEV environment called "DEV".  We created a new application in DEV that is going to replace PLN when it is ready.  I am familiar with shared services and migrating items through environments, however, my question is, how do I import rules/webforms, etc. from PLN application to DEV application, given that they are named differently? 

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          For the planing artifacts If the application already exists you can select the application from the dropdown when you import.

          For rules you can export them from  Calc Manager, when you import you can select the application to  import into.

          Another possible way is to take an LCM export and then do a find and replace in all files/folders to replace "PLN" with "DEV", something like notepad++ allows you to do this easily.

          You just have to watch out the name "PLN" does not exist in other names for example a rule script which contains "PLN"