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    FDMEE Erasing Data




      We have various integrations between Oracle EBS and Hyperion Planning. One of them is for actual data from EBS to Hyperion that works fine. There's another kind of data that comes from EBS (from a custom table) to Hyperion Planning.


      For the later integration I am facing an issue. I checked data in that custom table in EBS; after running integration, also checked data in workbench where it shows member of each dimension in which data is going to in Hyperion Planning. Workbench also shows all three Fishes green. Processes also show green ticks. Everything looks fine. I chose the exact combination from workbench where I should expect data in Hyperion but it didn't come. To test further, I input a random amount on expected target combination in Hyperion. Ran Integration with Replace Data, it erased random data from Target but didn't show data that it brought from EBS as per workbench. Also tried Store Data option.


      One point to be mentioned is that as per workbench FDMEE also pushed data to an account that didn't exist in Hyperion and also it didn't give any error.


      Summarizing, FDMEE doesn't give any error. but at the same time doesn't bring data.