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    Adding requisition lines "missing" to an existing RFQ.


      n : 12.1.3 version, RFQ creation


      Adding requisition lines "missing" to an existing RFQ.


      our expectation is the application must create individual lines in the RFQ when adding the lines to RFQ.

      Due to this issue, users are not able to merge the requisition lines created with exist RFQ to the missing.


      Steps To Reproduce
      1. Log in to Purchasing Responsibility.
      2. Create a Non Catalog Request with different items with different item descriptions.
      3. Approve requisition.
      4. Navigate to Sourcing responsibility and create RFQ by adding 4 requisition lines from above created Requisition.
      5. Now to add 2 more lines "missing lines" to the existing RFQ. there's no option to do this process