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    FND_USER_PREFERENCES is getting locked while searching for Vacation rules LOV


      Hi Expert,


      We are facing lock contention and Application Hang when we try to search vacation rules or to search workflow using below navigation


      WorkFlow Administrator --- Home --- status monitor -- search user and keep the page open


      Same Time Same or other user try to navigate the same page. It hangs and i can see that there is lock in FND_USER_PREFERENCES tables.


      As per Oracle Doc ID  2266027.1,  We are hitting the same bug. BUG:25718401 - 1OFF:11I.ATG_PF.H.RUP7:LOCK WHEN QUERY NOTIFICATIONS IN NOTIFICATION SEARCH


      The problem is that the patch is available for 11.5 not for EBS 12.1


      When i search the user notification why the update query on FND_USER_PREFERENCES start as it is not required.


      My Env Details -


      DB --

      EBS -- 12.1.3


      OS - Oracle Linux 6


      Please assist on this.


      Thanks and Regards,