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    Query String, Web Data Look ups, Forms, and Web Visit notifications.


      Hello Topliners,


      I have a case that I am trying to solve for and was hoping to see if someone else had this problem or could point me in the right direction for a solution?


      To set the picture.


      We use Eloqua as our Marketing Automation Platform, Salesforce as our CRM, and have a API with our CMS.


      Our sales reps using Salesforce can make changes to a Eloqua contacts subscription management preferences.  To do this they click on a unique link in Salesforce that opens and Eloqua landing page with subscription form.  The Eloqua landing page is coded to grab the query string(email address), insert the email address into the email field and use it in a Web Data Look up to populate the Contacts subscription preferences.


      Upon submission, we find that the Eloqua tracking script on the form would cookie the sales rep and overwrite the Contacts Visitor profile with their computers information.  The affect is then, when a sales rep then visits a page with a Web Visit notification, they are sent the email, saying that the contact visited.


      To attempt to trouble shoot this, I removed the Eloqua Tracking Script from the page.  This in turn broke the coding for the query string and web data look up. 

      So, current status.  Finding a solution that works with both sides.  Allows the sales reps to have a landing page the pre populates contact data and does not interfere with web tracking/web visit notifications.


      Some other solutions I have spit balled:

      • Coding the link in Salesforce to open as an incognito window -(wouldn't this still interfere with web data look ups)
      • Pulling in a developer to look at the java script to the query string/Web Data look up.
      • Finding another field to use for the webdata look up, such as Salesforce ID, and adjusting the form key field mapping.
      • Building out some unique CDO and CDO program to append values.


      Thank you everyone and I look forward to your input!