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    Picto-charts sample plugin issues




      I am installed the Picto-charts sample plugin into DVD v4 - it mostly works ok until I try and use custom images. I have tried using local png and svg files in a CSV file which I upload to map the reference data to the image path but they do not render properly. Essentially the screen is blank where the images should be shown except for a very brief split second moment when I save the project - they flash up and disappear. When I try and create a narration, the canvas thumbnail image shows the visualization properly too - but the main canvas in the story is also blank.


      I'm guessing as this is over a year old it has not been fully tested to work with later releases of DVD - but perhaps I am doing something wrong?


      Other plugins such as the Custom Points Map viz works fine with custom images using the same path .... /va/image.png etc.

      Any guidance would be gratefully received!