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    Apex 4.2 double-click the background of a page in iphone/ipad, the page was chopped.

    Phil in Sydney

      Hi there,


      I am running APEX 4.2.2 with THEME 50 (for smartphone) in Linux.

      I have a page which contains lots of input items( very long).

      When I use iphone5 or ipad to view this page, I can use scroll up/down function to see the whole page.

      Once I double touch/click any background, the page was chopped and the stopped working until I refreshed

      the page in the Safari, the whole page was reloaded and showed properly.


      I also test it in firefox and resize the windows in small size.

      I use mouse double-click the background, it was also chopped and the scroll bars were disappeared.


      Did you guys meet this issue before? If any help will be appreciated.