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    JQuery Selector in APEX


      Hi All,


         Using APEX 5.1.3, with the below HTML code from page source



      <div class="t-Form-itemWrapper"><fieldset tabindex="-1" id="P402_TEST" class="checkbox_group apex-item-checkbox">

      <legend class="u-VisuallyHidden">Test:</legend>

      <table role="presentation" class="checkbox_group">


      <td style="padding-right: 220px;">

      <input id="P40_CHECK_0" name="P40_TES" value="STO" type="checkbox"><label for="P40_TES_0">START</label></td>


      <input id="P40_CHECK_1" name="P40_TES" value="WWW" type="checkbox"><label for="P40_TES_1">END</label></td>


      </div><span id="P40_TEST_error_placeholder" class="a-Form-error" data-template-id="690004848925867673_ET"></span>



      Need to apply the CSS highlighted in bold. Not sure how to get this implemented in APEX with JQuery selector or best done in inline CSS.


      Please advise.