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    Development to Production Application and Schema Move + Version control

    Marco Foxx



      Oracle APEX

      Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - 64bit Production.

      Cloud Based third party  revion / maxapex  / oracle (one can guide me any of this which can enhance my knowledge- we are currently using maxapex.)


      A brief background:

      Development environment have the application with the id 312 in which we make the changes all the time. In the Production environment we have application with the id 313. Normally, when we move application from Dev to Prod what we do is import the whole application from dev to prod and replace the application id with 313.In which we can not track what is changed compared to last migration.


      My question is...
      When we migrate application from dev to prod in could how to version control it so we can track everything what have been done in past and what gets done in present.Also we can keep an eye on every new version created.

      we have seen some blog which creates batch files and then migrate from dev to prod but have no clue how that works.


      Patrick Wolf-Oracle

      Jorge Rimblas

      Matt Mulvaney

      Scott Wesley