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    Benefits and Taxes Export Data File Location and/or Issue?

    Tuan-Anh M Nguyen

      Does anyone know where the Exported Data file for Benefits and Taxes configuration is located in Workforce? In Jobs the file says it’s created but does not appear in Inbox/Outbox Explorer or is listed in epmautomate listfiles command. Here are the steps:


      Application -> Configure -> Workforce -> Benefits and Taxes1.png

      Actions –> Export Data




      The following pops up and closes after Export Data is selected:




      Application –> Jobs

      The details from the Export Data is as follows:



      Data export operation finished. 1 data export file was written to zip archive: tuan.nguyen@metlife.com_ExportedData_Property.zip: tuan.nguyen@metlife.com_ExportedData_Property.1-1.csv, 232 data export records were written (total all files).


      Here are the files in the Inbox/Outbox Explorer:



      Epmautomate listfiles results in ~335 files. None of which has any naming convention related to Data tuan.nguyen@xxxxxxx.com_ExportedData_Property.ZIP or tuan.nguyen@xxxxxxx.com_ExportedData_Property.1-1.CSV




      The other configuration elements either open a form or has a downloadable file pop up after clicking on Export.




      Any insight from anyone would be appreciated. Haven't opened a SR yet. Wanted to see if anyone had an idea. Thanks!