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    Contact Formatting

    Quincey Langworthy

      Hey Community!


      I was wondering if someone could help me with a quick and easy way to update the formatting of some of our contacts. We have a lot of people that will fill out their information in all caps and it makes our information messy.


      Thanks for any suggestions and/or help

      Quincey Langworthy

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          Frank Ngo

          Hi Quincey,


          Take a look at the Contact Washing Machine. There is an action named "Propercase". This will capitalize the first letter of each word and lowercase all other characters. Works great for most contact fields like First Name, Last Name, and Company Name.


          Let me know if you need some help setting this help.



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            Quincey Langworthy

            Hey Frank,


            I actually have never used that before! I see it on our instance though. Do I just need to create a mass segment of all of our contacts, create a multi-step campaign, and run them through there?


            Thanks for your help.

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              Frank Ngo

              Well first time for everything!


              Yep, you pretty much have the right idea. Instead of the campaign canvas, I would opt to use the program canvas so that contacts can be checked and reformatted daily. If you require the check and reformatting to happen more than once daily, you can use a Program Builder feeder and Campaign Canvas to accomplish.


              Also, be sure to run a few tests within the Contact Washing Machine to ensure that the "Propercase" action is giving you the appropriate formatting.

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                Bob at Elemental Marketing

                As an added note:

                While the Program Canvas is fast, if you have a lot of contacts (say 100.000+) you may not want to cram all your contacts through it every day.


                Run it once across your entire database initially, then after that, add a criterion to your segment of Contact Field Last Modified = today, to lessen the burden on the program a little. Or you could use Form processing steps to send form submissions to the program canvas. Depending on how many (or little) forms you have, this may be faster.

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                  Quincey Langworthy

                  Hi there,


                  Thank you for the help! We do have over 100,000 contacts. But when I look at my program section I don't have the Washing Machine option. I only have it on the Campaign canvas. Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.37.08 AM.png

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                    Frank Ngo

                    My guess is that you have not set the Contact Washing Machine as a Favorite Step in your Program Canvas. Try clicking on the triangle beside Program Steps and see if it's hidden in there.



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                      Quincey Langworthy

                      Hey Frank,


                      Yes it is there. But I don't know how to run it or set up the configuration data cleansing questions that are required in the box. Is there a tutorial or something that I can look at?

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                        Bob at Elemental Marketing

                        Hi Quincey,


                        You'll want it to look something like this:


                        The steps:

                        1. Drop the Contact Washing Machine on your canvas, open it and click the pencil icon to edit its configuration.

                        2. You can add multiple steps in the Washing Program, basically. If you want to cleanse first and last name, that's 2 steps, one for each field.

                        3. You can name the step for clarity if you want. In the Source field, select the First Name field.

                        4. You can leave Condition empty.

                        5. In the Action field, select Propercase. This will capitalize the first letter of the field value, and lower-case the rest. i.e. QUINCEY will become Quincey.

                        6. For Destination, select the First Name field again, because we want the outcome value to populate the first name field again.

                        7. Add another step for Last Name, and repeat 3-6.


                        As for the canvas, it'd basically look like this:

                        For the first time you run the program, you can set the segment to something like First Name and Last Name is not blank. Then, once it's gone through all of your contacts (you'll see the number of added contacts next to the segment once it runs), modify the segment to add "Last Modified Date is within the last 1 day" or something along those lines. This will make it so only the records who have been modified in the last day will go through the program on every following cycle.


                        Or, like I said before, you could add "Add to Program Canvas" steps on each form that feeds data into your Eloqua, to make sure the data is properly cleansed. This may take some time to set up depending on the amount of forms you have, though.

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