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    Setting up Essbase VBA




      First of all, please excuse me if I am posting my query in the wrong place.


      To get into it - I basically have an excel file where I pull data from our servers on to one sheet through Essbase, let's call this Sheet A, and I have members on this very sheet that can be changed through another sheet, say, Sheet B. Sheet B is just for users to be able to choose different members in order to generate reports as per their areas of interest. Without getting too much into detail, what I am trying to do is simplify this process through a macro. Currently, the user selects their choices on Sheet B and then are asked to go to the Essbase sheet, i.e., Sheet A to connect, log in and refresh it. What I want to do is basically simplify this process by having a macro button on Sheet B that basically jumps to Sheet A, connects to the Essbase server, logs in and refreshes the data.


      Now, I know a thing or two about macros - what I am not familiar with is Essbase macros. I have been reading a little material and tried using the EssVConnect function through VBA but received the "ESSEXCLN.XLL file was not found" error, I also declared functions in a separate moduleas I found online. Additionally, I *do not* think I have the Spreadsheet Tool Kit installed, what I do have is the Smart View plugin installed. Hope these details are helpful.


      Some direction would be very helpful and appreciated.


      Thanks very much.