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    object type display


      went through the thread "Allowing automatic Schema switching after connection login in Sql Developer" in thinking about it I think I have another approach to end up at the same place:


      Consider there is a user (u1) who owns all objects

      Consider there is a user (u2) who has at least a select/execute permission on objects in the u1 schema.

      The development team has the password for only u2


      Currently in SQL Dev the dev team connects as u2 then must go to "other users" and find u1. for whatever reason .. seems like a big deal to some ... others not so much .. unfortunately I do hear it from some in the dev team.


      So ...

      allow the user to choice the objects types to see in own schema .. like we always see tables, views, etc ... maybe a configurable way to not see those object types in own schema like a "hide" function.

      or allow the user to rearrange the positions so that "Other Users" are at the top. 


      Something like that .. these guys are driving me nuts.