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    To pass e-mail id to the Eloqua Landing Page when an e-mail is sent from the Outlook

    Vignesh Kasargod

      Hello Friends, 


      Is it possible to pass the contacts' email id to an Eloqua Landing Page (embedded in the e-mail using a link) when the e-mail is sent from Outlook (not from Eloqua) ?


      PS: 1) The e-mail has a link (for instance: click here) to get connected to an Eloqua Landing Page.

      2) Landing Page has an Eloqua FORM embedded to capture some of the contact's details.

      3) The end goal is to pass the e-mail id of the contact into the FORM directly (rather than making user to enter the details again) when we send the e-mail from Outlook (not from Eloqua)


      Thank you in advance.


      Kind regards,

      Vignesh KASARGOD