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    Unable to submit a concurrent program from backend


      Hi Guys,


      Needed a small help


      Trying to submit a concurrent program from behind by using a below but unable to submit.

      Could you please where am i missing.(have cross verified almost all requisites but still not able to figure out the fault )

      Note:- concurrent program short name ='TSET_SUJIT_PROC'


      NOTE PS- WHY THIS TABLE 'fnd_concurrent_programs_vl ' is blank in my instance. Is it because of this why it's not working? Because the instance was down for and may be all the services are not up properly? please advice

      I know this is silly to ask. But some where silly am missing out .Please help.



      v number;













      Below are the program details and responsibility attached to and other details




      The Program is registered under in responsibility 'System Administrator' and loged in as user  'X048720' for apps initialize



      Please help


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