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      Hi Team,

      We are into Hyperion

      We have a requirement to migrate Essbase BSO application  from DEV to UAT with data,

      We have migrated the Oultine by stopping the Essbase application and pasting it on the application folder,

      We are facing issues when we are migrating the data from DEV to UAT,

      We have performed below steps for data migration

      1. Stopped Essbase application in DEV and UAT
      2. Copied Index files and page files only and pasted in the application folder
      3. Restared the application.

      When we checked the data it is not avalible, Even the page and index files in UAT (Target) are no there, could anyone please let us know the steps to migrate data from dev to UAT.

      In DEV the application is cluster -1 and In UAT essbase application in cluster-2


      Thanks in advance

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          If you want to migrate the application then for BSO one of the best ways is to use the Maxl command "archive to  file" and "restore from file"

          More details - Alter Database and Using Backup and Restore for Block Storage Databases

          Copying just the index and pag files is not enough to migrate the database, you need also the tct and esm files and still that might not work depending on the environment and is not really the supported method, I suggest looking at the  MaxL command.

          Alternatively you can use the archive functionality in the EAS console, Backing Up Block Storage Databases and Restoring Block Storage Databases





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            Copy the index file and pag file to the database folder and check whether the installation path of Dev and UAT are same.

            If the installation path is same you will be able to see the data. If both env path are not same then change the path of kernel file(*.esm) file in UAT.

            And restart the application. If issue still persists keep posted on this.

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              JohnGoodwin answer is the better one. Other things you could do

              1. Use LCM to export the application and import onto the new server

              2. After copying the outline do a data export in native format (either level 0 or all data depending on the size of  the DB) then import it into the prod server


              As juhn said, just copying the .pag and .ind files is not enough, there are other files that are required for the data to be recognized

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                If you want to move data, you could do a level zero export in your source and load to target. That should be easier. Though you would then need to run your agg scripts and other calculations (if required).