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    Running SUM for each year on the graph




      In last weeks I have already asked few questions.

      Maybe this time also someone will be able to help me.


      Requirement is to have a line graph per month for last 3 years presented as running sum. Previous 3 years should be from Jan till Dec. Current to date.


      I have tried several options but didn't manage to find solution.


      Analysis has filter on day level and "standard" measure used.


      It ends as such viz.



      I have also measure YTD created in RPD, but if it is used, scale hit the sky (I assume that in such case each day is single YTD point, and results are somehow multiplied).



      I have tried to use RSUM by Year, but it doesn't have any effect (it is not passed in SQL).


      As it is line graph, not possible to duplicate layer and set as Running Sum.


      What else can I check?

      What do I need to change and where to have required visualization?