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    ASO cache size issue


      Hi All ,


      I am getting below error when loading data to one ASO cube  to increase the App. cache size.

      Where can I find what is current application cache size and what value should I set up now.

      Can someone please help.


      OK/INFO - 1270041 - For better performance, increase the size of the application cache. Using MaxL: ALTER APPLICATION <APP-NAME> SET CACHE_SIZE <SIZE-STRING>.

      OK/INFO - 1003058 - Data load buffer commit elapsed time : [120.023] seconds.



      Thanks in advance !

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          You can view and set it via EAS (it's the "Pending cache size limit" on the General tab of the Application Properties dialog). You need to restart the app for the change to be picked up.


          You can also view and set it with MaxL:


          query application appname get cache_size;

          alter application appname set cache_size 1024MB;


          Figuring out the optimal setting is trial an error - this affects aggregation and load performance. There is a guideline in the DBAG but my experience is it comes out too small for large databases (it hasn't changed since 2007 or thereabouts...).


          I have found benefits of increasing this up to at least a couple of GB with large (100GB+) cubes before performance stops improving.