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    clearing blocks


      Hi All,


      There was a business rule that was run that has create missing block on. When the users ran the business rule it created blocks it created a bunch of non valid intersections. the reason this became an issue is because there s a formula on the webforms that is refrencing these empty blocks and generating 0's and all the non valid intersections are showing on the forms. I cleared blocks and it seems to clear data. I am not sure on how to proceed troubleshooting this? any help or advice is much appreciated.



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          There is a big difference between a block with 0 values and an empty block with #missing values.

          If you want to get rid of the 0 values, you have to run a calc script which sets them to #missing. Something like actuals = (actuals/actuals)*actuals; . There are examples in this forum.


          If you want to get rid of the #missing blocks and this is a structural problem (you can not change the script for some reason), then you can do a housekeeping task in the maintenance window. This would involve to export all data and then clear the database and as last step a data load of the export file.

          The best thing is to avoid this from happening, but this would be something very specific to your situation.





          Philip Hulsebosch