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    Setting Eloqua "From Email" address using the Rest API


      Hi Support Team,


      I'm trying to send an email to an Eloqua contact via the REST API. I'm calling 'api/REST/2.0/assets/email/deployment ' with a POST request method.

      The problem: The email is actually sent to the contact but how can I modify the email address it is sent from? I.e the 'Sent From' email address?


      I have added 'sendFromUserID' to the request parameters in the CURL POST, which is in accordance with the API documentation.




      I have assigned the ID of a dummy contact in Eloqua to this parameter (sendFromUserID)  but still fails to modify the

      'From' email address as expected.


      Is there a certain type of ID that can be passed to this parameter as only the API user ID seems to work?


      Any hint on how this issue can be resolved will be appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance.