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    New EBS prospect.


      EBS 12.2.7




      Hi ALL,


      We have a customer whom we sell Oracle Apps & Db , (who is using an old database like foxpro or the likes)


      Can you please help answers her quesions? Or validate if my answer is correct?


      Question1: Can you provide Oracle EBS Database Technical Specs? Ans. It comprises of complex programs

      Question2: How many transaction per table it can handle ? Ans. Trillions+ or unlimited


      If there will be an instant that if I created two different subsidiaries using 1 database, and it 1 got lock up, will it cause issue to restart the entire

      database, prompting the other subsidiaries not be able to work.

      Ans. This will never happened in Oracle since it has a well in-placed locking mechanism.



      Kind regards,