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    Issue in Subtemplate Path of BI Publisher report

    Anitha Avula

      Hi Team,


      I have a BI/XML publisher concurrent program which has data template(.xml) file and RTF template(Main template). The output type is PDF. Now I am trying to attach Subtemplate to Main template. My subtemplate has CommonHeader and CommonFooter as shown below:


      one table with 1 row

      <?end template?>



      one table with 1 row

      <?end template?>


      I registered subtemplate in Templates of XML publisher Administrator by giving Code as XXCLSUBTEMP(which is not concurrent program short name) and Data Definition same as Main(RTF) template. I specified Subtemplate = Yes in Main Template definition to attach registered subtemplate. I am getting subtemplate path by using below query:


      SELECT    'xdo://'

             || application_short_name

             || '.'

             || template_code

             || '.'

             || default_language

             || '.'

             || default_territory


        FROM xdo_templates_vl

      WHERE template_code LIKE 'XXCLSUBTEMP';


      I got output as xdo://XXCL.XXCLSUBTEMP.en.00


      now i am importing subtemplate path in Main template as below:




      When i run concurrent program then i am getting empty PDF as output with out data in it.


      Requesting to tell how to register subtemplate in XML Publisher Administrator and syntax to Import Subtemplate path in Main template.


      Thank you.



      Anitha Avula