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    Work around for adding CNH as a valid currency in java.util.currency

    Sameer Vittala-Oracle



      One of our customer is using Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management built on Java Platform. While subscribing to a JMS message from other Oracle Retail Application, the message fails with the following exception


      Caused by: oracle.retail.sim.closed.common.SimServerException: error handling message!

      at oracle.retail.sim.closed.integration.handler.SimMessageHandler.handleMessage(Unknown Source)

      ... 37 more

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

      at java.util.Currency.getInstance(Currency.java:320)

      at java.util.Currency.getInstance(Currency.java:284)

      at oracle.retail.sim.shared.integration.consumer.items.ItemSupCtyCreateConsumer.process(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.retail.sim.shared.integration.consumer.items.ItemSupCtyCreateConsumer.consume(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.retail.sim.closed.integration.consumer.SimMessageConsumer.consume(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.retail.sim.closed.integration.consumer.SimMessageConsumerFactory.consume(Unknown Source)

      at oracle.retail.sim.closed.integration.handler.ConsumeHandler.doHandleMessage(Unknown Source)

      ... 38 more


      The exception is coming from Java Util. Going a step further java.util.currency supports ISO 4217 currency codes. ( https://www.iso.org/iso-4217-currency-codes.html to get the valid currencies as per ISO 4217). Now CNH is not a valid currency as per ISO 4217 standards.


      PRC released CNH for trading Chinese currency outside China. This a valid requirement


      Can the Java team provide for any workaround for this issue