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    Error when adding Oracle DB to ODBC connection


      Hi everyone here,


      I am pretty new to Oracle DB configurations as I have been using SAS and Microsoft SQL all this while.

      What i want to do is to add Oracle DB to ODBC(64-bit) in a new server.


      This is the scenario:

      Server A:- Existing Application server that has Oracle configured in ODBC(64-bit)(Been using for the past 3 years, configured by other people).

      Server DB:- The Database server

      Server B:- Brand new server that i want to configure Oracle DB in ODBC(64-bit)(Brand new).


      I copy every single details of the server information in Server A ODBC for the same Oracle DB and put it in Server B ODBC. I have both Server A and Server B remote connection side by side and do "Test Connection".

      Server A can connect successfully. However, Server B is giving me this error:

      Oracle ODBC error.PNG



      This is my first time trying to configure for ODBC to Oracle DB. I have previously configured many Microsoft SQL DB without any issue. Do take note that i have not installed any Oracle driver or any necessary-tool needed for ODBC to link with Oracle. Is there anything i have to install for this to work or any necessary settings need to be done before configuring it?


      Your help is very much appreciated.